The Delta Thermo Energy Executive Team:

Chief Executive Officer

Rob Van Naarden

Rob Van Naarden currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Delta Thermo Energy.  Van Naarden also serves as General Partner of BVB Capital Group. Van Naarden has held many senior executive management roles within Supermac, Firepower, Netframe, AMT and Sensar. Rob also founded and served as CEO at Authentidate, a cyber security company. In 2004 Van Naarden applied his experience in an entirely different industry as CEO of Empire Kosher Poultry, Inc. and returned them to profitability and growth after one year.

Vice President, Operations

Zane Crowley

Zane Crowley currently serves as Vice President of Operations for Delta Thermo Energy.  Crowley is responsible for all plant operations and facilities within  North America.  Crowley has extensive experience in the waste processing industry operations, technology and compliance. Recently, Crowley held senior management positions within Covanta.  Crowley’s responsibilities included waste to energy shift operations in an operational waste to energy facility.

Corporate Controller

Carol Wallace

Carol Wallace currently serves as the Corporate Controller and Director of Human Resources for Delta Thermo Energy. Wallace holds an BS in Accounting and a Master’s in Business Management and has over fifteen years in the utility industry. Wallace is OSHA certified and has extensive experience in Environmental, Health and Safety practices and protocols and Human Resources Management. She also brings exceptional dedication, ethics and innovation to the team.


Dominic Russo

Dominic Russo currently serves on the marketing team.  Russo provides market opportunity analysis, strategy and business development activities in support of Delta Thermo expansion within North America.