Near Zero Emissions*

Near Zero Emissions refers to the emissions exhausted from any Delta Thermo Energy facility. We list them in detail and compare them to many current legacy incinerator plants that do not incorporate our Waste to Fuel™ systems. We compare our estimated levels of emissions with permitted levels associated with legacy waste processing incinerator plants. In most instances a Delta Thermo Energy facility is cleaner by one, two or more orders of magnitude. Of course, you can add our Waste to Fuel™ systems so you can convert your MSW and sewage sludge and then burn our EPF within your existing incinerators.


Most incinerators burn trash directly. We do not. Our facilities absolutely do not burn municipal solid waste (MSW). Our Waste to Fuel™ systems convert it to a clean burning fuel. DTE Green Waste to Fuel™ implements new clean processes based upon DTE Hydrothermal Decomposition™ core technology. DTE Hydrothermal Decomposition includes a combination of innovative waste processing technologies licensed exclusively around the world assembled in conjunction with new intellectual property. DTE Hydrothermal Decomposition is a remarkable technology, one that promises to change our view of what is attainable in our fight to keep our environment clean.

DTE Green Waste to Fuel™ systems brings a highly disruptive and positive change to the legacy incineration of municipal waste. The Near Zero Emissions of any facility that uses our Green Waste to Fuel ™cam challenge the entire industry. In the final analysis, DTE Green Waste to Fuel and DTE Hydrothermal Decomposition technology will rapidly emerge as the solution of choice for communities and industry around the world.