Technology Advisory Board

Dr. A. Gupta

Combustion research is centered in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UMCP. The main objective of ongoing research in our laboratory is to develop a better understanding of the fundamental combustion processes through comprehensive experimental and mathematical modeling studies. The goal is to develop efficient combustion and reduce pollutants emission from a range of propulsion and power systems.

Dr. N. Themelis

The Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology Council (WTERT) brings together engineers, scientists and managers from universities and industry. The mission of WTERT is to identify and advance the best available waste-to-energy (WTE) technologies for the recovery of energy or fuels from municipal solid wastes and other industrial, agricultural, and forestry residues.

Dr. J. Sale

The mission of the Energy Research Center is to find solutions to national and global energy and energy-related problems by collaborating with federal, state and local agencies, energy businesses, technology developers and suppliers, the research community and academic institutions.

Dr. B. Gleeson

The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science (MEMS) houses ABET-accredited mechanical engineering and materials science and engineering programs that provide the solid fundamentals, critical thinking, and inventive spark that fires up our graduates as they design the future.  They perform advanced research into the high temperature decomposition of materials.

Dr. M. Castaldi

The CUNY Energy Institute, headquartered at the City College of New York (CCNY), is an interdisciplinary research center that pulls the resources of the CUNY campuses together to develop advanced and sustainable technologies that have low-carbon footprints.